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By: Tim Mcintosh

The company behind the popular workflow automation tool has been living its best WFH life since way back in 2011. Of the many companies offering remote work, Salesforce really has to walk the walk when it comes to its working from home policy. That’s because larger than life CEO Marc Benioff proudly stated that he has “always been a remote worker” at Dreamforce 2023 earlier this year. There are many, many more jobs at PayPal, especially in certain fields like engineering. From senior positions to internships, PayPal seems to be hiring for it all right now having topped its Q3 earnings under new CEO Alex Chriss. We try and make sure the teams have at least 4 waking hours overlap with the rest of their team.

  • They truly are their own boss and this is like an entrepreneurial experience that they love.
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  • Occasionally, you may even run into a company that “ghosts” prospective employees, leaving them dangling without a definite yes or no.
  • If you are applying for a remote job at a smaller company, you may be required to email your resume along with a cover letter.
  • On the contrary, recruitment technology can be used to create a great remote hiring experience, even for unsuccessful candidates.

The world went under a complete lockdown, and people started working remotely. Even after the pandemic is over, most people prefer to work from their homes, and this trend is likely to continue for a long time. Prepare for the interview ahead so you and the team can use the interview time for actually interviewing rather than reviewing resumes and asking duplicative questions. Furthermore, we also suggest giving the candidate an assignment, which would test their remote work skills. That way, you can better evaluate what it’s like working with the candidate. You get to see how the candidate can solve problems, work with deadlines, and learn more about their communication methods.

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Large, global job boards, like Indeed and Monster, can also be effective, as long as you clearly state in the job title that you’re hiring remotely. If you want to recruit candidates in a specific city or country, it might be a good idea to advertise your open roles on local job boards. It can also vary depending on the type of remote work you are seeking. In today’s post, we will be sharing a little about how the remote hiring process works and a few things you can likely expect. By the end of this article, you’ll know the ins and outs of the hiring process—from timelines, interviews, skill tests, and making an offer.

remote job hiring process

After we have a contracting agreement in place, candidates go through an Onboarding and Orientation process. This involves getting to know the relevant systems the candidate will be working with like email, JIRA, source control, QA and communication tools. The process continues for successful candidates towards either an ongoing contract role, or towards full-time.

Here’s How Remote Work Has Transformed The Hiring Process

If all the stakeholders are involved from the outset and you’re very engaged with the hiring process, it can be done within 4 weeks. Before the interview, review all the candidates’ resumes, the hiring rubric, and the interview questions you will ask. If you’re conducting the interview remotely, ask all the interviewers to join the call a bit earlier, so the candidates know you respect their time and are fully prepared for the remote hiring process. Even for people who are familiar with technology, video interviews can be a bit intimidating if they’re used to being in an office setting.

remote job hiring process

Emphasize your job-specific skills such as project management, administrative skills, or your familiarity with software packages. Also, demonstrate your people skills like communication, teamwork, and self-motivation. Companies are more willing to take a chance on a short-term contract worker. Plus, your temporary job may evolve into a full-time role, or give you the remote work experience that other employers are seeking.

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It helps them get a fuller idea of not only how you work but how you work remotely. If you’ve worked for a remote company before, make sure you spotlight it. However, it may not be enough to say “worked for a remote company.” Consider using the STAR method to demonstrate to employers how you’re able to get results no matter where you work. Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, you’ve got to convince the hiring manager that they should interview you. This is where writing a customized cover letter and resume becomes important. Check out your intended employer on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or even social media.


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