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By: Tim Mcintosh

Scalping allows traders to take profit opportunities even when the price changes are very small. To make any meaningful profit with this strategy, you need to place multiple intraday trades. Even though the price changes are small, they add up over the course of the day—smaller profit opportunities are easier to catch than the larger ones. This is also a good risk management strategy, as it doesn’t involve taking on big risks in the hope of huge profits.

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Compare the platforms’ features to find the one that is right  for you. A trading account is where you store funds and trade currencies or other assets. You can create multiple trading accounts for your Lime Fx profile, each with its own balance and leverage. MT4 opens with four charts by default, each representing a unique currency pair. The Symbols tab shows a list of currency pairs with their bid and ask prices, while the Tick Charts tab shows the real-time price activity of chosen currency pairs. Below this is the Navigator window, where traders can view their account(s), indicators, and Expert Advisors.

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However, you can just create another one on a different trading platform—for free. Log in to your online trading account or download the app and launch it to start trading Forex pairs and other assets. Lime Fx has made great strides with its pricing options for traders and its educational content, but suffers from a limited range of tradeable instruments. Grayscale Investments has withdrawn its application to create an Ethereum-based futures ETF. According to the speech of its CEO Michael Sonnenshein, Grayscale Investments will focus on converting its Ethereum trust—the world’s largest—to spot exchange-traded products.

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However, it still depends on the regulator’s decision and the actions of investment fund representatives. The decision to approve spot Ethereum ETFs may likely be postponed, which does not cancel its approval. In our opinion, there is potential for growth in these two cryptocurrencies in the combination of such factors and in the conditions of local correction in Bitcoin and Ethereum quotes.

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Keep trading so you can withdraw your bonus funds—you will get the payout automatically. Open an Lime Fx trading account and make a deposit—you need just $25 to start. If you are still unsure where to start, check out our introductory video course. Customise your account—real or demo—or just create a standard margin account in one click.

You can always open more trading accounts on different trading platforms for free. We measure success by the cost-effective trading conditions we provide and by success stories our traders share. We also take an in-depth look at each broker’s commissions and fees, such as bid/ask spreads – including the average spread data for some of the most popular forex currency pairs. We research other trading costs, such as inactivity or custody fees, minimum deposit requirements, VIP rebates and/or discounts, and a range of other important fee-based data points. The security of your funds – in terms of regulatory protection – will depend on which Lime Fx entity holds your account, and which –if any – relevant regulations provide customer protections.

  1. Lime Fx has improved its educational offering with webinars and live trading session recordings and expanded its educational articles and videos.
  2. To trade in currency as a private investor, you need a reliable Forex broker.
  3. We offer convenient portfolio management, transparent trading conditions, helpful educational materials, and easy-to-use service where nothing distracts you from making a profit.
  4. They are categorised into types, such as Trends, Oscillators, Volumes, and Custom.
  5. If approved, it could spark another rally in the cryptocurrency market.

What is the minimum deposit for Lime Fx?

All indicators come with release time, priority, and previous values. There is color coding to demonstrate the difference in expected values and actual values of the indicators. MetaTrader 5, or MT5, is a next-gen multi-asset trading platform that will replace MT4 in the very near future.

A demat account is a digital storage mostly used by Indian investors to hold securities in virtual form. The main difference between demat and trading accounts is that the former is just a repository, and the latter allows you to buy and sell your securities. Once it is created, you cannot switch the type of your Lime Fx trading account.

Check out my picks for the best mobile trading apps in the industry. Download our app and keep track of your orders whether you’re in the office, on vacation, or at home. Despite scepticism on the legal side of the issue, two factors indirectly report increased investor interest in the second most crucial cryptocurrency. MetaTrader 4 is available as a web platform compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. With this knowledge, we created our platform to help you make money through smart and well-controlled investments. We are constantly improving our product to make your trading experience better.

The same is true for the much-anticipated spot Ethereum ETFs, as they offer a more straightforward and transparent approach than futures ETFs, which buy derivatives without directly owning the asset. By purchasing cryptocurrency directly, the fund tracks the price of the benchmark cryptocurrency more accurately. Due to the more straightforward purchase process, such an investment offers greater profitability and lower management costs.

Choose from 300+ trading instruments, including shares, commodities, and indices. Kar Yong achieved financial independence through trading and investing, recognized as a top FX analyst and trainer in scammed by limefx Asia. Find out how much Cashback you can earn based on your Forex rebate and trading activity. Unlock lower spreads, personal guidance, and many other benefits by increasing your account balance.


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