Which Pests Cause the Biggest Problems in Columbus, IN?

By: Tim Mcintosh

Pests can cause a wide range of issues. Some can contaminate your food supply and spread diseases to your family. Others can cause physical damage to your property and lead to costly repairs. It is difficult to choose just one pest as the most problematic when there are several that can cause issues. In Columbus, IN, termites, roaches, rodents, and mosquitoes all cause big problems for residents. Protecting against these harmful pests will keep your loved ones, your property, and your bank account out of harms way. 


Termites are a major problem in Columbus, IN and throughout the United States. Termites are small pests that live in colonies in areas with easy access to a food supply. The sustenance termites need to survive is found in wood. They can feed off of wood in nature or off of wood that has been used for constructing homes and other businesses. A termite colony can eat away at your property around the clock. This constant activity can lead to serious damage to the structural wood of your property. When structural damage occurs it is often very expensive to repair. In order to avoid big problems, you need to take steps to protect your property from the threat of termites. 


Roaches can cause big problems for the people living inside your home. Roaches can spread disease to humans by contaminating food and surfaces. They pick up bacteria on their legs and body as they move through nasty areas such as garbage and sewer pipes. When they get into your food or walk across your counter roaches can leave some of that bacteria behind. If you or your family get exposed to that bacteria it can lead to a number of issues. The droppings and carcasses of roaches can also cause big problems in your home for people with allergies or breathing problems. Protecting your home against a roach infestation is a way to protect the health of the people inside your house. 


Rodents are similar to roaches in the harm that they can do. Rodents can spread disease to humans by indirect or direct transmission. These pests also have the ability to cause physical damage to your property. Rodents will chew on wires and building materials and may destroy property when gathering materials for a nest. Keeping rodents away is good for both your family and your property. 


Mosquitoes are pests that cause big problems for people in Columbus, IN and throughout the world. Mosquitoes can spread a number of serious diseases directly to humans. Examples include Zika and the West Nile Virus. This pest can make it feel impossible to spend time outside when the weather is warm. 

Each of the pests outlined above can cause big problems for residents of Columbus, IN. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your family and home from these pests. The quickest and most effective step you can take is to get professional pest control services for your home. Regularly scheduled pest control services provide your home with continuous protection from the pests that can cause the biggest problems.



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