Other Services

Exclusion – Properly sealing cracks and crevices helps eliminate places where pests hide. Many times spraying these areas with pesticides yields a short term fix. “Excluding” pests in and around your home or business, followed by a preventive pest control program has proven to be very effective. Call us for a quote on exclusion and other IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs.

Termite Damage Repair – You made the decision to eliminate the termites that caused the damage to your home, but what are you going to do about repairing that destroyed wall, floor, joist or window sill? Don’t hesitate to call. Eco-Max will send a company approved contractor to take care of that damage.

Crawlspace Doors – Has that old crawlspace door seen better days? Let Eco-Max replace it.


Coming soon – Residential and commercial power washing as well as gutter cleaning.

Aquatic Vegetation Management Services will resume Spring 2015.