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    We exterminate and kill ants! Serving the greater Columbus Indiana area.

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    Serving Columbus and including Greenwood, Mooresville, Franklin, Greensburg, Columbus, Edinburgh, Seymour, North Vernon and all points in between.

    Ants are a serious threat and Make no mistake, ants can and will take over your home, kitchen, bathroom or backyard if allowed. If you have an ant, problem call us now. In your home, restaurant, and just about anywhere else ants are unacceptable. 

    Why Do I Have An ANT Problem?

    A primary problem that can cause an ant infestation is poor sanitation. Crumbs, leftover food residue, dirty dishes and trash not being emptied frequently can all be sources of food for hungry ants. Ants will find the food and get the word back to their colonists and before you know it you have a trail going from the food source to the colony. 

    What Kind of Ants are in Indiana?

    Indiana has over 135 species of ants, but the following are some of the most common. At Eco-Max Pest Control Services, we are experts at determining the species of your ant problem and how to eliminate the colony which is where the ants are coming from.

    1. Red Pavement Ant
    2. Black Carpenter Ant
    3. Little Black Ants
    4. Odorous Ants

    These are just a few of the types that you may come across in Indiana, but you may rest assured that the pros at Eco-Max know how to get rid of them.

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    Little Black Ants | Eco-Max Pest | Columbus IN

    What Can I Do To Prevent Ants?

    There are many ways you can help to prevent ants from becoming a major problem in or around your home or business. Things you should consider are:

    • Do it yourself remedies: While these products may kill the ants that you can see, the real problem is the nest and colony where the ants live and where they are taking the food. In order to effectively eliminate an infestation of ants, you must eliminate the colony.
    • Where are the nest or colony? Ants are able to nest just about anywhere, that includes your yard, walls in the lawn, tree stumps and even under your house.
    • Scent trails leave an invisible chemical trail that contains something called pheromones that the other colony members can locate and follow to the food source, that’s why you have to get to the colony or nest.
    • Entry points: Ants are small and strong and can get through almost any kind of crack, they are often on the hunt for food substances, water or other particles left behind.

    How Does Eco-Max Pest Control Get Rid of ANTS?

    All of our Eco-Max service technicians are trained, certified and licensed by the state to handle many different kinds of pests and that definitely includes ANTS. In order to effectively eliminate ants, it will require more than a one-time treatment. The initial process is to treat the infestation and get the ants to take the treatment back to the nest or colony that will ultimately destroy the problem at its source. But, to make sure that you never have a recurrence of your ant problem in your home or business, Eco-Max recommends a regular treatment program. This includes the implementation of a “BARRIER” that surrounds your property and deflects ants and other pests from ever entering your home or business again.

    How Do I Contact Eco-Max Pest Control Services To Start Treatment?

    At the top of this page is a number to contact us. Or you can simply click on the button below and one of our friendly staff will be in touch right away to explain your options and set up a convenient time to get started.

    Contact us today to schedule an inspection at (812) 378-5595 or simply click the button below to send us a request.

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