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As a Columbus Indiana homeowner or business owner, we are quite sure that you take a great deal of pride in maintaining a clean and healthy environment that is free of bugs and pests. When insects, rodents, flies, ants or other bugs invade your area, it can really take away from your joy and happiness. Here at Eco-Max Environmental Pest Control Service, we are experienced experts at exterminating pests in South Central Indiana. We are also committed to our friends and neighbors who live here just like us. After all, we are a locally owned business for over 10 years. We live and play here in Indiana just like you do. That’s why we offer you a $50.00 savings on our main comprehensive pest control package.

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    While some pest control companies may claim to do everything from insect extermination to home repair, we know that true expertise requires focus and proper pest control training. At Eco-Max Pest Control Services, we specialize in eliminating the most common pests in the area. Including:

    To schedule, an inspection call us at 812-378-5595 or use the handy button link below and one of our friendly staff will call you right back to schedule a time convenient to you.

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      Eco-Max has been treating almost every department and every area in our 1.2 million square foot facility, inside and out, for the past 5 years. Their technicians take the time to explain their processes with a polite, courteous and knowledgeable demeanor. They know what they are talking about. I would highly recommend Eco-Max to anyone and everyone.

      Dorel Juvenile Group

      Columbus, IN

      Punctual, courteous, professional and reasonably priced…every time!

      Jim Clark

      Columbus, IN

      Wow, this company is great! Their methods work great! I called because I had a spider problem. Not only did they take care of the spiders, they also took care of those creepy cave crickets. Haven’t seen either one of them since.

      John Abbott

      Seymour, IN


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