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    We exterminate and kill roaches! Serving the greater Columbus Indiana area.

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    Serving Columbus and including Greenwood, Mooresville, Franklin, Greensburg, Columbus, Edinburgh, Seymour, North Vernon and all points in between.

    Cockroaches are a serious threat and Make no mistake, roaches can and will take over your home if allowed. If you have a cockroach, problem call us now. In your home, restaurant, and just about anywhere else cockroaches are unacceptable. However, this little survivor is not an easy thing to get rid of. Eco-Max Pest Control Services has professionally trained technicians that know how to find out where the source of this pest is coming from. Specialized treatment and professional quality products are all that will ensure you eliminate your cockroach problem. We are here to help when you need a specialist to rid your world of this repulsive little insect.

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    Restaurant Cockroach Control | Eco Max | Columbus IN

    In Indiana, you will generally find 5 different species of roaches. They are slightly different in appearance and social behavior but are primarily large flat insects that are a brownish/dark color. Cockroaches move quickly, easily and are known to give you a shock when you first come across them. Roaches like to hide in the daytime and come out in the darkness. That’s why if you turn on a light in the dark you may seem them running in all directions. They are hitchhikers and end up in your home or business by being carried home in boxes, egg cartons, soda cases, and bags of potatoes. Cockroaches move along water pipes in large commercial or apartment buildings. Cockroaches will multiply quickly and they are one of the most difficult pests to control and exterminate. If you believe you may have a problem with cockroaches don’t wait, call today. If you have a business there is no predator more dangerous to your success. We will help to ensure you don’t fall prey to a 3rd party audit.

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