3 Best Termite Control Tips

By: Tim Mcintosh

Termites are pests that no one wants to deal with in their homes. You may not even realize that your home is at risk or if you live in an at-risk area. For more information about risk factors read about those here. But for those of you that know you are at risk you may not know how to control termites and keep them out of your home and buildings.

We have put together the three best termite controls tips to help you keep these pests from wreaking havoc.

1. Keep Areas with Wood Dry

One of the most important things you can do to prevent termites is to keep any wood that is around your home dry. If you live in a cold climate and keep firewood around you home much of the year it is imperative to keep those areas dry. Termites love wet wood. They will eat all they can there and move on to the dry wood within your homes and buildings.

If it is impossible to keep areas with wood dry then the best thing to do is to keep the wood away from dwellings. If you tend to have large piles of firewood or old lumber from a project, it is best to have a place away from the home and try to keep it covered so the wood is as dry as possible.

2. Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Some homeowners get taken aback when they find out their house has termites. They don’t know how they got in. Some of those homes have large trees that hang over the property and at some places even touch the roof. It isn’t going to be as important if the trees on your property are far from your home. This is only pertaining to those trees that are close to the dwellings.

Termites can use trees as a kind of pathway to get into dwellings. The best thing to do is to keep the trees around your home trimmed. There are services that will come out to do this if the job is too big for you to do yourself.

3. Have Your Home Inspected Regularly

The only sure-fire way to make sure you don’t have termites or the perfect conditions for a termite problem to start is to have a professional come out and inspect your home. This can be done yearly unless you start noticing an issue or signs of an active infestation. 

It is better and less expensive to catch a termite issue early. Active infestations cost more to treat and control than just taking preventative action.

If you are in the Columbus, Indiana area and need a termite inspection give your local termite experts at EcoMax Pest Control Services a call for a free inspection.



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