Do Spiders Crawl On Me When I Sleep?

By: Tim Mcintosh

The fear of spiders is nothing new. It has an official name – arachnophobia – and there is even a horror movie dedicated to the topic. Many people who are afraid of spiders imagine worse case scenarios where spiders appear at a time when they are most vulnerable – such as during sleep. If you have ever asked yourself, ‘Do spiders crawl on me when I sleep?’ then it is possible that you are harboring a fear of these eight-legged pests. While it is technically possible for a spider to crawl on you during sleep, it is unlikely. 

The reality is that spiders are not really that interested in you and will typically avoid you. The fact that spiders aren’t interested in you may provide some comfort but it does not change the fact that you want to keep them out of your home. Once you understand why spiders come inside, how they get in, and what they do, it will help you take the appropriate steps for prevention and control.  

Why spiders come inside

There are two main elements that attract spiders into your home: shelter and food. Your home provides protection from elements such as large variations in temperature, precipitation, and other threats. This makes it a great place for spiders to infest and create a home. If your home has another type of pest infestation it can provide spiders with access to food. Spiders generally feed off of insects that are commonly found inside houses. 

How spiders get inside

Spiders often get inside of houses through breaches around doors or windows. The design of a spider’s body allows it to maneuver through breaches that often seem impossibly small. Homeowners may also inadvertently bring spiders in on furniture, boxes, and other items where they build webs. 

What spiders do inside

Spiders spend the majority of their time inside your house searching for food. Some time may also be spent working on webs and mating. Most of the time spiders are looking for food and you are not on the menu. If a spider does happen to crawl across you during sleep it is most likely because you are on the path toward a potential food source. 

Spider prevention and control

Most spiders are harmless but that does not mean you should be willing to share your house with them. The three most important steps for spider prevention and control are to: seal up breaches, eradicate other pest infestations, and get the help of a pro. These three steps will go a long way toward getting rid of any spiders currently in your home and keeping them away. 

If the thought of spiders in your home – or crawling on you at night – causes you serious worry, then take action. Find and seal up areas where spiders can potentially get inside and bring in a pest control pro to eradicate any spiders that have already found their way into your home.



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