Hiring a Professional Exterminator vs Going the DIY Route

By: Tim Mcintosh

Having the DIY spirit can be a great thing. It can save you money on home improvement projects when you choose to do the work on your own. You may find creative ways to get things done around the house that give you the same end result you would get from a pro. However, there are some situations where going the DIY route can backfire and end up costing you more money in the end. Pest control is one of those home projects that can be tricky to do right on your own. If you are trying to decide if you should hire a professional exterminator or go the DIY route, consider the type of treatment, effectiveness of application, and protection against future issues to help you make a decision. 

Type of treatment

If you take a walk down the pest control aisle at your local hardware store you will find a lot of options for DIY pest control. Some of the pest control options even claim to be made using the same ingredients as professional level treatments. It is true that you can find chemical pest control products that use the same or similar ingredients as professional products. However, a pest control pro will have access to treatment options that are more concentrated and powerful than what you will find on the hardware store shelf. Professional exterminators are licensed to deal with chemicals that the average consumer is not able to purchase. Getting the help of a pest control pro means that your home will be treated with chemicals that are the correct strength and potency. 

Effectiveness of application

Effectively eradicating pests from your home takes a combination of training and experience that many homeowners do not have. Do you know the typical places where various types of pests live? Can you recognize the signs of pest activity without actually seeing the pests? Understanding what types of pests are in your home and where they live are important things to know for effective treatment applications. The application site is important for all types of pests but especially so for termites. Improper application can leave your home vulnerable to destructive and dangerous pests. Unless you have professional training in proper treatment application, getting the help of a professional exterminator will provide you with better results than trying to apply a treatment on your own.

Protection against future issues

If you choose to go the DIY route with pest control, all of the protection against future issues is up to you. A top-notch pest control professional will provide you with a guarantee on the work. This means that if you have a pest issue between scheduled treatments the pest pro will come and treat your home again at no additional cost. This guarantee can provide a lot of peace of mind and make hiring a professional exterminator worth the cost. 

It is possible to take care of your own pest control needs. However, many homeowners find that the access to treatment options, training, and the guarantee that a professional exterminator can offer makes hiring a pro the best option.



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