Local Pest Control Can Prevent a 3rd Party Audit

By: Tim Mcintosh

If you own or run a business in the food industry then you understand the devastation that a pest infestation can cause. Pests can ruin products and damage the reputation of your business. And, just the suspicion of pest activity at your business can trigger a 3rd party audit. The stress of being under the scrutiny of that type of audit can take your time and attention away from other aspects of your business. Fortunately, local pest control can help you prevent a 3rd party audit at your business. 

Eliminate the threat of pest activity

An important aspect of a 3rd party audit is to determine if there is a threat of pest activity at your business. Getting regular pest treatments from a local pest control company will eliminate that threat. While there is no way to ensure that pests stay away 100% of the time, regular pest control services provide the highest possible level of protection against pest activity. 

Provide a paper trail of pest control treatments

Setting up regular pest treatments from a local pest control company will create a digital ‘paper trail’ of your pest control treatments. This can help prevent a 3rd party audit because it is easy-to-provide proof that your business is getting the necessary treatments to stay protected from pests. In addition, the paper trail will include details of each treatment that can further satisfy any questions that may come up about how you are protecting your product from pests. 

Give you a local point of contact and support

Working with a local pest control company will provide you with a local point of contact and support. This means that you can get quick access to any of the documentation related to past pest treatments at your company. If a problem ever arises, you know that someone can be at your business right away to help. And, in the unlikely event that you do experience a 3rd party audit, you will have a pest pro available to help and support you in any way possible. The peace of mind that comes with having a local point of contact and support is a priceless benefit of hiring a local pest control company for your business. 

There is always a long list of things to think and worry about when you own a business. A 3rd party audit is not something any business owner wants to stop for or be concerned about. Getting local pest control is a simple way to minimize your risk of having to deal with a 3rd party audit. Hire a pest control company that understands how to keep your business protected from the threat of pests so you can focus your attention on other important areas of your business.



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