Pest control tips for Springtime

By: Tim Mcintosh

Springtime Pest Control in Southern Indiana

With the arrival of spring also comes the intrusion of pests into your home or business. Many pests will lie dormant through the wintertime and come alive during the springtime. Often times its during spring that homeowners and business owners will start to see pests.

There are some measures that you can take to control unwanted pest populations from exploding in the springtime. So, take a few minutes and follow the tips outlined below before you have a full-blown infestation problem.

Look for the stinging type insects. Bees and wasps in particular. Take a look around your property for nests or hives. Look in overhangs, eaves and don’t forget the attic or roofline. If you find nests or hives you are probably best to seek out a professional to remove these unwanted stingers from your property. Removing them yourself can be dangerous. To keep your home pest free, consider the advantages of a regular pest control treatment program.

Take a good look at the exterior of your home or business. Look around for cracks or holes in the foundation, openings in windows or screens. Most pest control problems can be traced to an entry point. In order for pests to become a problem they must first have a place to enter your home or business. Your eyes are the best source of prevention here.

Get a good weed whacker. Keep the trees trimmed, the bushes and shrubs well manicured and the weeds and debris cleaned up. Insects, bugs, rodents and other pests love overgrown shrubs, bushes, tree droppings to congregate. Eliminating this goes a long way towards pest prevention.

Keep your trash can lids tight. Leftovers and trash are like a magnet for pests. They love your garbage, literally. As spring cleaning starts, don’t forget to clean up your trash cans. Replace them for new if they are old and worn.

If your kitchen is not clean chances are pests will find you. Crumbs, sweet smells, unsealed containers will all lead to an invitation for a pest problem. Wipe your counters clean often. Even a few grains of sugar can start an an infestation.

If you have a firewood stack make sure its away from your house. Firewood piles attract termites, spiders, ants and a host of other unwanted pests. Store wood away from the house and off the ground if possible.

The real point to all of this is take some time this weekend and enjoy the springtime coming. Get your home or business ready for pest control season and get started with your spring cleaning. Most of preventive measures are no more than some common sense. If you do find yourself needing some help from a professional, just click this LINK and schedule a free pest inspection.


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