What You Should Expect from Your First Pest Control Appointment

By: Tim Mcintosh

There is no convenient time to discover pests in your home. If you see a pest – or signs of pest activity – it should prompt you to take quick action. The reality is that a pest infestation is not going to go away on its own. In fact, the infestation will continue to grow and cause problems until you take action. The most effective way to deal with pests is with the help of a pest control professional. The process of getting pest control for your home starts with an initial appointment. During that appointment you will have time to discuss your concerns, the pest pro will do a thorough inspection of your home, and you will learn about the treatment options that are available

Time to discuss your concerns

If you call and set up an appointment with a pest control pro it means that you have some concerns. You may know that you have a pest infestation or suspect the presence of pests. Some people set up pest control services as a preventative measure – even without evidence of an infestation. No matter what prompted you to call and schedule a pest control appointment, you need to discuss your concerns with the pest control pro. The first pest control appointment is the ideal time to discuss those concerns. 

A thorough inspection of your home

During your first pest control appointment, you can expect a thorough inspection of your home. The pest control technician will do a walkthrough of your home and look for signs of pest activity. The technician will know where to look for signs of pest activity and how to identify those signs. This inspection will provide the technician with important information about the severity of the infestation and the type of pest. All the information gathered during this time will be helpful when choosing a treatment option. 

Presentation of treatment options based on your needs

Once you discuss your concerns and have your home inspected, the next step is to learn about treatment options. The pest control pro will walk you through the various options based on your needs. At Eco-Max Pest Control Services, you can choose from three pest control programs – clean home basic, clean home plus, and clean home platinum – to keep your home consistently protected. Other options include the three-season program which allows you to take the winter off from treatment and as-needed treatment. The goal during this part of the appointment is to help you find a pest control treatment option that works for you. 

The first pest control appointment is a time to identify the level of your pest problem and work toward choosing the right solution. In many situations, it is possible to get your first treatment on the same day as the initial appointment with Eco-Max Pest Control Services. If you are ready to get rid of the pests inside your house, get in touch with Eco-Max today.



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