Pest Control Company vs Home Solutions

By: Tim Mcintosh

When it comes to home maintenance tasks like pest control, many homeowners debate between the option of hiring a pest control company and using home solutions. Industrious homeowners often explore ways to tackle a home project before considering the option of hiring help. When it comes to pest control, you need to know what to expect from each option in order to make an informed decision. 

Pest control company

Choosing to hire a pest control company for your home will provide you with quick and effective results. A pest control pro will know how to spot the signs of an infestation and identify which pests are causing problems. Properly identifying the pests in your home will allow the pest control pro to apply a treatment method tailored to your specific needs. There will be an upfront cost associated with hiring a pest control company but, the best pest pros provide a guarantee.

Home solutions

Do-it-yourself pest control is an option worth exploring. There is a seemingly endless number of DIY pest products on the market designed to deal with just about any type of pest you may encounter. And, there are plenty of resources available online that will guide you through the process of applying the home pest solution you choose. In the beginning, taking care of pest control on your own will likely be the more cost-effective option because you provide the labor and only pay for the pesticide and possibly some application tools. 

How to decide between the options

There are a few factors to consider that will help you determine if professional or DIY pest control is the best option. The first factor to consider is the severity of your pest problem. The reality is that several types of pests are difficult to eradicate because of their behavior and adaptability. If you suspect that you have a serious infestation then the best option is to get professional help. You should also consider the type of pest in your home. Termites can cause expensive damage to your home so it is essential that you get professional help if you have any reason at all to suspect termites. Pests that pose a less serious threat – like fruit flies or ants – are better candidates for DIY pest control. It is also important to think about your long-term plans for pest control. Pests will continue to try and get into your home which means that pest control is an ongoing process. Do you have the time to apply preventative treatment to your home on a consistent schedule? If not, you should consider hiring a pest pro and getting set up on routine pest control treatments. 

Home solutions for pest issues can be effective in some situations. It will require you to devote time to learning about the process and then follow through with proper application. However, homeowners often discover that effective pest control is much more involved than they initially believed. If you are on the fence about which pest control option to choose, schedule a free pest inspection from EcoMax to determine the current condition of your home and learn about treatment options.



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